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Deadlocked Dungeon
Clear the jumping puzzle, but don't be too fast or you won't be able to help your current self in the future as your past self needs you to clear the way to make it across the level which always goes backwards... Wait, what?!

WASD to move around
Mouse to look around

Nordic Game Jam 2019 - "That Again"
Made at Nordic Game Jam 2019  with the theme "That Again".  

Credits - We made this

    • Björn Toreld
    • Staffan Olsson
    • Danielle Woods
    • Simon Bergqvist
    • Patrick Standfast
    • Einar Markskog
    • Niels van Alphen
    • Gurbaz Singh Virk
    • Erik Lenzing


    Deadlocked Dungeon v1.1.zip 39 MB

    Development log